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Custom Suspension Tuning

If you ride a full suspension mountain bike, you've probably encountered situations on the trail where your bike feels off or just isn't working for you.  Much of the time this can be attributed to your suspension not being appropriately set up for the ride conditions.  We may be able to make huge improvements from just adjusting your compression and rebound adjustments.  However, bike companies have to come up with a base tune, and a "one size fits all" approach.  This can work well, but doesn't take into account your riding terrain, speed, weight, or personal preference.  Because of this it is possible to improve the feel of your suspension by tuning it to your specific needs.  This can by done by changing the shim stack and valve design, as well as adjusting the air spring volume.  


Damper Service + Nitogen Charge

We offer complete damper services for Fox and Rockshox suspension components.  After many hours of riding, the oil in your suspension will break down and will not achieve the same level of performance it was designed for.  If your lockout isn't working the same as it once was or your suspension just feels off, you most likely could benefit from a full damper service.  Generally after 200 hours of ride time a damper service is recommended.  

Custom Tuning + Revalving

If you are trying to get your suspension to perform at its absolute best, custom tuning of the air spring and damper circuits may be beneficial.  First we can set up your suspension for your weight and riding style.  If there is not enough range of adjustment built into your suspension, we can tune the internal shim stacks to give you the feel and performance benefits you are looking for.    

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