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Lost Canyon Ambassadors

Our ambassadors range from recreational riders who love riding their bike, to national level full time pros. We think it's important to help support racers and riders in the community and make sure their bikes are dialed every time they go for a ride. 


Alex Vidal

Enduro Mountain Bike

Alex has been racing for 16 years and racing pro enduro the past three years.  He loves long backcountry rides and technical races.  He is currently riding a Forbidden Dreadnought custom build and a Forbidden Druid custom build

Kenny Murray

Mountain Bike

Kenny has been riding bikes for 6 years, and this season is hoping for more pedaling in the high country, more bike park, more international riding, and longer rides in jorts.  She is focused on having fun, getting up high, and going fast.  Currently she is riding a Forbidden Druid V2

Lacey Anderson Enduro racing

Lacey Anderson

Mountain Bike

Lacey is a Fort Lewis cycling team alum who competed in downhill and enduro.  She raced at the pro level with the Ska Zia Mountain Bike Team and has had a number of great results in the BME series.  She is currenlty riding a Forbidden Druid GX

Cody Cupp

Cross Country and Gravel

Cody has been racing pro since 2017 and placed 4th in 2022 at Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships.  He is currently racing on the Fezzari Factory Team


Jenna Emerick

Mountain Bike

Jenna has been riding mountain bikes for over 10 years and has raced cross country and enduro.  Currently she is riding a Forbidden Druid GX

Monique Weese

Mountain Bike 

Monique has been riding seriously for 4 years and has enjoyed honing her skills as a mountain biker.  She enjoys going to the bike park as well as long high country rides.   She coaches for EveryPedal mountain bike and is planning on doing her first enduro race in 2023.  She is currently riding a Santa Cruz Bronson

IMG_1252 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Amanda Webb

Mountain Bike

Amanda has been riding mountain bikes for over 10 years and enjoys bike park days at Purgatory and riding the Durango town trails.  She is currently riding a Juliana Furtado

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