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We offer complete services for all types of bikes, suspension, and E Bikes.  A list of our most common services are below.  Typical tune prices vary from $50 - $250.  We assess every bike based on its specific needs and will give you a breakdown of all service recommendations and costs.  We have found that with tune up packages, the customer often pays for things they don't need and it is much more efficient and economical to give a quote with exact services being performed.  We want to give you the most clear and organized service available.  Consultations are free so please bring your bike in or give us a call.  No appointments are needed, bring your bike in anytime during business hours.  Typical turnaround time is 3 days or faster.  If you know what you need done and want to make an appointment we can usually get your bike back same day.  

We Service Mountain Bikes, E Bikes, Gravel, and Road.    


Bike Wash: $20

Full Bike Clean and Drive Train De-grease: $45

Bike Assembly: $85

Tune: $50-250

Frame Up Build: $200


Install Tubeless Tire: $10

New Sealant: $7

Install Sealant: $7

Hub Service: $25-45

Freehub Service: $25

Wheel True: $15-25

Spoke Replacement: $25

Wheel Build: $85

Wheel Build w/ Spoke Calc: $100


50 Hour Fork Service: $85

50 Hour Shock Service: $85

Fork Air Spring Overhaul: $25

200 Hour Fork Service: $120-150

200 Hour Shock Damper Overhaul + Nitrogen Charge (inline): $105

200 Hour Shock Damper Overhaul + Nitrogen Charge (piggyback): $120

Fork/Shock Custom Tune: $150


Headset Service: $25

Headset Install w/cups: $45

Hanger Alignment: $25

Bottom Bracket Install: $35

Linkage Cleaning + Grease: $45

Full Linkage Bearing Replacement: $75-150

Drive Train

Chain Install: $15

Shift Cable/Housing Replacement: $25

Shifting Adjustment: $15

Chainring Install: $15

Crankset Install: $35

Shifter Install: $25

Derailleur Install: $25


Brake Bleed +Adjust (includes pad install): $39

Rotor True: $10

Brake Pad Install + Adjust: $25

Brake Caliper Overhaul: $45

Brake Lever Overhaul: $55

New Brake Install: $45

Rotor Install: $10

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Professional Bike Repair

"Your capability to perfect your suspension is only limited by your ability to complain about it"

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