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Our Story

A Dream 15 Years in the Making

The mission of Lost Canyon Bike Service is to consistently deliver the most efficient and organized bicycle service in Durango.  After spending the last decade studying the service models of some of the best shops in the country, we have distilled down what works and what doesn't.  Lost Canyon Bike Service has taken the best methods from the best service departments to create an un-rivaled service experience that will leave you confident that your bike was repaired correctly, using the best tools and methods available.  Lost Canyon Bike Service is now the area's Forbidden Bike dealer.  Stop in to check them out or take out a demo bike!    

Owner & Mechanic

Clayton Haskins

Clayton Haskins Lost Canyon Bike Service Owner

Clayton has been a professional mechanic for 10 years at some of the most nationally recognized shops in the country.  He has worked with over 60 different mechanics over the years who each had certain specialties.  Clayton has learned from all of their unique experience to accumulate a body of expertise that would otherwise take a lifetime to learn. 

Clayton has always been interested in mechanics, and has dreamed of having his own shop since he was a kid.  Clayton started racing downhill bikes in 2008 and fell in love with the combination of athleticism and mechanical ability needed to compete on mountain bikes.  

Lost Canyon Bike Service Enduro Bike Race

Clayton has been racing mountain bikes and dirt bikes competitively for 15 years.  Since struggling as an amateur, he has made improvements every year and has shared podiums with some fast racers.  A large majority of these improvements he credits to proper bike and suspension set up which he has learned over the years as a mechanic.  Clayton has tried just about every type of bike and suspension set up you can think of and is happy to share his experience to help everyone get faster and more comfortable on their bike.  


Clayton Haskins Lost Canyon Forbidden Dreadnought
Lost Canyon Bike Service Pro Enduro Podium
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